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Here you can convert Facebook videos and save them as MP4, M4A or MP3 format file on your personal device

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X2Convert is made to support 100s of websites, and Facebook is definitely one of them. We can help download FB video as MP4 or M4A using original video and audio, convert it to MP3 and download with proper format, as opposed to other sites that will give you M4A file with MP3 file-name extension, which is fine for audio players, but in reality - it;s not an MP3 file. We can also help download live Facebook videos as well as long 2-3 hours ones - no problems. Just give us the video URL, and we will take care of the rest.

How to download Facebook videos to your mobile?

FB Downloader web-app

Add to Home Screen

We have prepared this site to take advantage of the new era of web-apps and made it installable. This means that you can install this site as a web-app to your device and use it from that point as a normal native app. Try it out, it's really cool, just lcick on any of the multiple intitations to install the app. It will work great on any Android or Windows device. It doesn't need any storage space or updates, we take care of everything. And it uses your favorite web browser to do the job, so it's all your old good friends.

Faster with bookmark-let

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Bookmarks are great, but we go a little further with this special shortcut, or as others call it - bookmarklet. It is pretty much same as normal bookmark, but the different is as follows: when called upon, this bookmark will copy the URL address of the page you were on when pressed the bookmark, and it will send you to X2Convert and page URL will come along with you. So this shortcut actually allows users to save time on copy-paste step of the workflow, making your file download happen so much sooner.

Questions? Answered!

How to convert to MP3 Facebook video?

  1. Find the video you need to convert MP3, copy its link (use Share button)
  2. Go back to x2convert and insert that link into the entry box, hit Download button.
  3. Now convert video to MP3 or use M4A extractor options.

Do you have any download limits daily/hourly?

No. We don't do any limits. But be aware that other people are also using this site right now, lets all live in peace, use resources fairly.

How to convert FB video to MP3 on Android or iPhone?

  1. Copy video URL from Facebook app or browser (hit Share button and then Copy Link)
  2. Submit link into the entry form on top of the page, wait a little..
  3. When download options appear, make sure the MP3 Converter is selected, then save file to your device.

What websites can I convert video and download MP3?

We support over 600 different video and audio online sources, but to really know the answer - copy page URL, insert into the form and hit Download, if anything shows - you're ready.

Where do I find the MP3 files downloaded from X2Convert?

Files are in your default downloads folder. Find this folder via your main computer menu in Windows or other OS-es. In case you set custom download folder, go into browser's menu (3 vertical dots) and select Downloads.

What audio formats are supported for converting Facebook video?

There's a few different formats supported, most popular are MP3 & M4A, both are available on request from the drop-down list of download options, check it out.